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With years of excellent service under our belts, the team of security professionals at Locksmith Service Gaithersburg MD has been the primary provider of locksmith services in the Gaithersburg area for business in multiple industries. Locksmith Service Gaithersburg MD keeps the emergency locksmith portion of the business well-run with the help of the fleet of mobile locks & locksmith commercial units, any of which can be out to your location within the hour to rectify any problems you might have with lock and key.

Every business needs secure doors, as well as the ability to reasonably guarantee the safety of employees and patrons. As such, in addition to the locksmith services we provide, we also implement security measures for a range of commercial clients, which includes – but is not limited to:

Locksmith Service Gaithersburg MD Gaithersburg, MD 301-944-3388

  • Finance firms /Banks
  • Resorts / Hotels / Motels
  • Office spaces
  • Business centers
  • Medical care centers
  • IT companies
  • Multinational firms
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail outlets
  • Parking space
  • Supermarkets
  • Community care centers
  • Residential apartments
  • Restaurants
  • Schools/ Universities
  • Entertainment complexes

Locksmith Service Gaithersburg MD employs seasoned veterans of the security and locksmith fields, which means we can be confident in offering high-value security measures for clients in just about any industry and related verticals. If you’ve got sensitive rooms that need to be restricted access, then we’ve got the tools and protective measures for you. There’s a dedicated team of security professionals that specialize in whole-lock & locksmith system solutions, and they will happily work together with your relevant departments to devise a satisfactory access management solution.

Locksmith Service Gaithersburg MD team is the picture of efficiency, and we can implement master key systems to better secure your business – in addition to making the process of access management more efficient. After all, most commercial enterprises have sections of their building that need varying levels of access; we can set this up using digital keypads locks employ digital codes instead of metal keys. This eliminates the inconvenience cause by misplaced keys, and provides your head of security with control over who can open what doors. While we’re on site, we can implement this feature into every door on your property in short order, allowing regular business hours to resume as quickly as possible.

We’ve noticed – not surprisingly – that our high security lock package is the most popular one among our commercial clients in Gaithersburg. The benefits are multifold: you can now be assured of enhanced security and the mere presence of such locks function as a no-go area for vandals and thieves. It also provides wards off unauthorized access by terminated employees or tenants.

Here at Locksmith Service Gaithersburg MD we also provide the following lock & locksmith commercial services.Locksmith Service Gaithersburg MD Gaithersburg, MD 301-944-3388

  • Rekeying locks in business premises
  • Implementation of sturdy high-security locks
  • Multilayered locking solutions for complete security
  • Rapid response to commercial lockout situations
  • Installation of strong deadbolts
  • Provision for locksmith services on-the-spot
  • Digital locks programming and installation
  • Creating sophisticated high-security keys
  • Upgrades for inefficient locks
  • Emergency exit panic locks and push bars installation
  • Master and sub-master keys
  • Identification of loopholes in current security setup
  • Implementation of restricted keyway systems
  • Unlock services for locked office doors, file cabinets, safes etc
  • New key crafting and key duplication services
  • Durable locks for safes/ file cabinets
  • Broken or damaged lock repairs or replacements
  • Numerical keypad locks
  • Installation of powerful magnetic locks